V-Line Keyless Shotgun Safe Review

V-Line shotgun safe ensures a compact and durable way to protect your key property defense shotgun. The pry resistant clamshell design, high security locking system, and metal construction keep your gun free from risk. When quick accessibility is not required, the two extra crucial locks provide additional security. The top-notch quality powder coated end will survive for years, and it will protect the metal. The gun safe reviews will tell you something to introduce you to the keyless shotgun safe. 

It is quite well constructed and designed, keeping your children and grandchildren at a safe distance of your gun. The completely mechanical 4-push button lock is excellent, functioning a way you wanted. The longest gun the case can accommodate comes with the maximum length of 401/2 inches.

Some important features:

  • High-grade lock (Key less).
  • Two extra locks for additional security.
  • Front or top opening you can mountain upright or falling on a door or wall.
  • Pre-punched holes to mount easily.
  • 42 x 8 x 3.5-Inch

As it has also been mentioned somewhere else, this is particularly for 18.5 inch barrel. There are chances that you might be able to fit in a 20-inch barrel, but that would be too tight. The box possesses five push buttons on its mechanical lock. It can be programmed with a code, allowing the use of each button only once. In total, there are about 930 combinations possible.

The good thing is you can also program it using a combination like 2+3, which is two buttons pressed at once plus 3 more, at once. Although this is just too quick button presses, the code is still safe as you can use about 100 such combinations. In addition, when it comes to unlocking the safe, you can do it within just five seconds.

The steel is reasonably heavy enough for its size, but it is not overly heavy. The steel does not have any weakness. With a pry bar, the combination lock on its own runs off the box vulnerable to attack. Make sure you install it intelligently putting the side that opens right next to a wall so if anyone pries it open; they should not comfortably have control.

Along with all this protection, there are two more traditional ace locks offering help secure it, just in case if you wanted some more security. These ace locks cannot do much if somebody got enough control with the help of a pry bar. If you want casual passers-by or kids not to flirt with your gun, and you still have a quick access, know that this box is meant for you.

V-Line Quick Access Keyless Shotgun Safe works flawlessly. The safe could help when trying to keep your gun close and protected from unauthorized access. Such a keyless shotgun safe works great when considering something that can help let quick access to your gun with no need to set the key. If you want to buy such a keyless shotgun safe, then it would be wise to read some hones gun safe reviews so you can come up with the right decision.

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