Top Opening BARSKA Biometric Gun Safe Reviews

BARSKA is one of the high quality safes that help you to store your valuables safely. The safe has a heavy and solid metal door with solid steel bolts that ensure that all of your valuables are safe. In addition to having a strong door, the safe comes with biometric locking system. The locking system features a hydraulic door system that easily opens the door so that you can easily access your stored items. Here is a detailed Barska biometric safe review you should read before shopping.

Hydraulic system

You can activate the hydraulic system or you can leave it inactive. To activate the system, you need to put your fingerprint. If you do not want to activate the hydraulic system, you can use special keys that are as effective as the hydraulic system. Although, the keys are effective, their downside is that you can lose the keys. If you do not want to keep on worrying about losing the keys, it is suggested that you use the hydraulic system.

Share the safe with others you trust

Other than ensuring that you do not worry about losing your keys, the hydraulic system also ensures that you can share the safe with the people you trust. The reason you can share the safe with your trusted users is that the safe allows you to save at least 30 fingerprints. This means that 30 different people can open the safe.

Easy to install

The safe is easy to install. This is because the safe has pre-drilled holes. The holes ensure that you can easily mount the safe in any place you want. There are many places you can mount the safe. Common places include counter and tabletop, drawer floor, or on the floor.

Small in Size

Not only the safe is easy to install, the size of the safe is small. Therefore, you can mount it in almost any place. One of the common places you can put the safe is in your desk drawer. This means that you can easily mount the safe in the desk drawer in your office or in your home. In addition to mounting the safe in your house or office, you can also mount it in your vehicle.

Your valuables are safe

Due to the hydraulic system, you can easily open the safe and access all of your valuables. To open the safe, all you need to do is to touch your finger on the lock and the lock will open providing you with access to your valuables. To ensure that your valuables are safe and unmarked, the safe has a floor mat that cushions all of your valuables from damage.

In addition to the above features, other features of the safe include:

  • Dimensions (inner): 14.5 X 11 X 2.5 inches.
  • One-year limited warranty
  • Dimensions (Outer): 14.75 by 11.25 by 5 inches
  • Top opening drawer safe

If you have valuables such as jewelry or money, you should keep them safe. One of the best places to keep the valuables is in the safe. When buying the safe, you should ensure that you buy it from reputable vendors. This is because reputable vendors tend to stock high quality and original safes. Learn more on the Barska biometric gun safe reviews.

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