Stack-On Gun Cabinet Review – SS-22-MG-C 22

The Stack-On SS-22-MG-C 22 boasts of many safety features such as drill-proof steel plates, five locking points, and a mixture lock mechanism. These features help you secure your firearms. This DOJ-approved safe also includes live locking bolts, side hinges that are hidden from view, and steel dead bolts. It has a triple number lock feature that ensures access for anyone who has the code, while securing the safe from anyone without one regardless of the force exerted to open it.


The safe contains four shelves with interchangeable positions. It can fit up to 22 firearms with its 54-inch height. It can also keep up to 11 firearms within the shelves if you would also include the ammunition, documents, and side arms. The carpeted interior cushions will also cushion your firearms. Finally, the Stack-On gun cabinet also complies with the standards of the California Penal Code (12088).

It suits for various types of firearms

In terms of the safe’s size and space, it can keep 22 firearms as long as they are not large rifles. It is large enough and weighs around 247 pounds. It can fit various types of firearms such as auto rifles, crossbows, shotguns, and others. You will also have enough storage for your documents and other valuable things. This Stack-On gun safe is very heavy because it is made of steel. They are also plated with steel. Despite its heaviness, the safe can still be mounted from the floor using the mounting accessories. Its exterior even has powder coating, which gives it a quality look.

Key Features

The Stack-On SS-22-MG-C is a product that comes with the highest safety features recommend by the government authorities. It can hold up to 22 rifles and shotguns. The maximum height of those firearms can be 54 inches. There are four adjustable shelves. With silkscreen and golden accents, the outside is coated with green paint (Epoxy matt hunter). Fully carpeted interiors can benefit in securing firearms. A few more features include steel locking bolts, hardened steel plates, and three number combination locks.

Maintenance and warranty

You do not have to worry anymore if you have a safe made by a reputable brand such as the Stack-On. You can depend on it for several years. You can even trust your life with a dependable storage such as this. However, since this specific model of safe is from the budget range of the Stack-On brand, it is normal to see a little bit of rusting on the bolts and sides after quite a while. The warranty covers the lock, hinges, and bolts, but not any accidental or intentional damages.

Reliable for storing firearms and guns

This Stack-On gun safe is reliable for storing firearms and guns. Its simple construction is made of adequate bolts and locks. Aside from storing your guns, you can also keep your personal things and private files and documents that are sensitive in nature. There is also a lot of space that will satisfy even the most avid gun collector or enthusiast. The price of this well configured safe is reasonable, providing its owner the security and confidence that his or her precious belongings are all safe and secure. I believe this Stack-On gun safe review will help you with your shopping decision.

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