Stack-On PS-20-B Biometric Hand Gun Safe Review

Many of us possess some few objects precious to us and we want them to be out of reach from other individuals, no matter if they are our children or other people. A fingerprint safe is an optimal method to ensure that your valuables and guns are secured. The Large Personal Safe can be the ideal option to store these objects. As a personal hand gun safe, it has sufficient space to store your belongings and is extremely easy to access, because it uses a revolutionary technology.

Secure your valuables and access

You can secure your valuables and access them easily with its biometric lock. The locking mechanism can retain up to 32 fingerprints in its memory so it can be accessed faster. The safe’s door is made of pry – resistant solid steel, with hidden hinges and can swing on locking steel bolts. As for the interior design, the bottom of the safe and the shelf are padded. As an alternative for the fingerprint scanner, there is also an electronic lock and a key included.

Specifications At a glance

  • The biometric lock can retain up to 32 fingerprints to offer a quicker access and more security.
  • It includes pre – drilled holes so the safe can be mounted to the floor or on a shelf.
  • It includes binding hardware.
  • Has two detachable shelves made out of steel.
  • The exterior is painted with black epoxy paint.

Made of steel

Such a product is an ideal method to store handguns, ammo, as well as valuables. It can be used in one’s home or on the road. With a pry – resistant door made out of solid steel, it also includes hidden hinges, and two locking bolts made of steel. It can be mounted to the floor or a shelf as it already has pre – drilled holes and binding hardware. The bottom and the two detachable shelves are padded with egg crate foam. As an alternative for accessing the safe, you can choose between an electronic lock and a trouble key.

More security

This model of the safe has been approved as a protection device for firearms as it meets the conditions of the Penal Code of California 12088. It is advisable that gun safes should be mounted to the floor, shelves or walls for more security.

The biometric locking mechanism works ideally if you follow these instructions:

  1. Place the safe in the spot you have chosen for it before registering any fingerprint.
  2. Register your own desired fingerprint (many usually use the thumb, as it is more comfortable and easy).
  3. When you record the fingerprint, use the same position for the future. If you modify your angle, the finger’s angle will also modify.

More difficult to steal

Most gun safe reviews have said that if the number of your valuables is greater, you can find that the interior shelves will help with arranging them. Being a large safe, it is also heavy, as it comes with a weight of 38 pounds, making it more difficult to steal. It can also be mounted to the floor or on the wall for more security.

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