Sentry Safe Biometric Quick Access Hand Gun Safe Reviews

Sentry Safe Biometric Quick Access Hand Gun Safe is the safest solution. It provides you fast and single-handed access to the firearm when the need comes. The biometric hand gun safe keeps your pistol secure when you no longer need to use it. 

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Secures And Protects Your Hand Gun

For a smaller firearm, you can choose to have the Sentry Safe Quick Access. Your hand gun will fit perfectly inside this safe, which has a digital lock and a built-in backlight. To secure and protect your pistol, you can use this safe and have a quick and easy access when you need it.

Solid Steel Construction

This steel safe is suitable for pry resistant and has the capability to secure and protect your firearm to be accessed by unauthorized persons. The hand gun safe has an override key just in case you have forgotten the combination.

Lightweight Hand Gun Safe

This hand gun safe from Sentry Safe is a lightweight pistol safe, so it can be easily transported from one place to another. The good thing about this is you can always make it accessible to you so it will be easier to reach for it when the need arises. However, the bad thing about is, anyone can also get it and run away with it. It is black in color and is available in just one size, 6.6 x 2.2 x 9.7 inches. The unit is also provided with a gas support for silently opening the safe ideal especially during times when you need your firearm quickly and as silently as possible.

Extra Protection And Security

The safe is designed almost perfectly. The code reset is located and safely hidden behind the plastic panel inside the unit. Some safes offered by competitor brands have their reset outside the safe, making it more prone to unauthorized access. Moreover, it is also not possible to open the hand gun safe when you drop it at an angle to let go of the solenoid. Furthermore, it is more secure as you will not be able to access the screws as well as the screw holes to open the safe, providing extra protection and security.

Hand Gun Safe With Quick and Silent Access

This locking method offers a quick combination and top security using biometric. Such a technology provides better security with an option of a quick access for firearms just using your fingerprints or a combination of a code and your fingerprints. This hand gun safe is designed to be very practical, allowing quick and silent access even in the dark because of its simplified interface.

Why Choose This Hand Gun Safe

The unit provides safe and solid security and protection for your firearm. You simply need to adjust to yourself in opening the safe during nighttime or try opening the safe as quickly as possible. This way, you can memorize or get used to hitting the necessary keys to open the safe until you can enter your code and open the safe even with your eyes closed. Considering its features, quality, technology, and durability, the safe is reasonably priced, which gives top-notch security and protection to your prized firearm. And this safe is also one of the best biometric pistol safes we have today.

Most gun safe reviews have shown the product positive, when most buyers were satisfied with the product.

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