Mesa Safe Company MBF6032E Fire Proof Safe Review

Guns are not common but still somehow a useful tool if customized in the right manner. The Mesa Safe Company manufactures MBF MBF6032E Gun Safes for protection of your weapons and other valuable items. These gun safes are equipped with the best features of fire and burglary safes. Steel is the major material used for manufacturing these gun safes. The Mesa Safe Company designs these safes especially for those people who likes hunting or likes to collect firearms as their hobby. These people would like to keep their firearms safe and locked. When finding a great fire proof safe, this is something you can consider.

Product descriptions

  • Steel constructed door of Mesa gun safes are 1-1/2 inch thick, enclosed by fire resistant material
  • Four live locking bolts of 1-inch diameter for additional thief protection
  • Three massive solid steel hinges of 1-inch diameter for securing against door removal in case of force removal attempt
  • MBF6030E has steel constructed body with overall measurement of 59-inch (H), 30-inch (W) and 21-inch (D).

Prevents unauthorized access of these weapons

People who consume any kind of weapon such as ammunition, shotguns, rifles, knives, or handguns should keep them in heavy-duty secure cases. These secure safes prevent unauthorized access of these weapons. Children and other untrained persons should be kept away from accessing weapon to which they are not familiar. Such a gun safe also prohibits burglars and thieves from intruding in your house and stealing your weapons or firearms. Safety of your weapon results in safety of your home and family.

Features, weight, and dimensions

MBF6032E is one of the heavy-duty safes that weights up to 668 pounds. It contains 4 anchor holes for its firm attachment to the floor so to prevent thieves from removing it from its place. This safe is entirely made of steel including adjustable shelves inside it. These shelves provide the ease of re-arrangement of storage items including weapons, knives, or firearms.

Store your other valuables

This safe is not just to keep weapons; it can also be utilized to store your other valuables such as:

  • Documents
  • Cash for secure keeping
  • Jewelry
  • Records

Lock system

Mesa gun safes incorporate the digital lock system in it for additional security and they are constructed for commercial as well as residential use. People often fail to choose appropriate gun safes for keeping their weapons and firearms because they overlook the top features of the safe and wish to have the cheapest one. The Mesa Safe Company offers good quality gun safes, which devour following top features in them:

  • On an average thickness of 1-1/2 inch with excellent interior.
  • 1 hour fire rated tested up to the temperature of 1750 F0.
  • Electronic locking system operated through the battery.
  • Anchor holes for secure attachment of safe to floor.
  • Ornamental brass spoke handle.
  • Adjustable shelves for re-arrangement of storage items, holding capacity of 30 rifles.
  • Advance locks with classic brass finish.
  • Locks are protected with drill resistant hard plates.

All Mesa safes including MBF6032E come with a warranty. When you have decided to buy such a safe for your needs, it is advisable to read some great gun safe reviews before making the final deal.

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