LockSAF Biometric Pistol Safe Review | Buying Guide

Today, keeping pistols and guns has become common in almost every society. People keep them for different safety reasons. For the safety of pistols, they also require easy access and storage safes. LockSAF biometric safes use biometric scanners for keeping pistols secure. They are quite small, easily fit in drawers. These safes are made with high-quality material to make them sturdy enough for the pistols. The premium look of these safes makes them highly acceptable. This biometric pistol safe comes with various features, making the product unique.

9-Gauge Steel Construction

The safe has a 3-mm, 9-gauge body mainly made of steel with increased strength and thickness as compared to its competitors. This feature makes it tamper-proof storage.


The safe offers an option of saving more than one angle of your any finger, which can be up to 10 fingerprints. This facility ensures recognition of your fingerprint in time of importance. There is no need of getting worried in case of injured or burned fingers, as long as you have saved other fingerprints in the lock system.

Easy Mounting

There are four pre-drilled holes at the bottom of the safe for mounting them on any flat place. Pilot holes are made in such a way that keeps the safe stable on the surface.

Key Backup Access

If the case is accessed by some unauthorized person or if the battery is weak, backup mechanism will provide you access to your valuable items.

Other specifications, dimensions, and description

The LockSAF is quite sturdy gun cases entirely made of steel material. The outdoor dimensions are 14×10.2×4.6 inches. Empty case weights up to 22 pounds. The area of the course enables a person to keep two handguns or pistols inside the case with extra ammo and clips. You can also store other valuable items such as jewelry, minor electronics, cash, documents, or watches.

These LockSAF cases have steel-hinged door for opening. These doors have an electronic locking system embed in them for safe opening with the help of the fingerprints in the scanner. Fingerprint scanner is specially made for quick and safe access in an emergency. Fingerprint scanner avoids the trouble of remembering key combinations of tiny locks you depend.

The 4 pre-drilled holes included in its outer part of the body help mount the gun safe in a drawer or closet. Locking the safe in place with the help of the bolts can make sure that a burglar will not be able to run off with it.

A 9-volt battery is used for the keypad and an overriding system overrides the key to access in case of low battery. The interiors of these cases are made of soft foam material for giving firm protection to your pistol against scratches. LockSAF biometric pistol safe is all in one safe, providing safety with ease of access.

There are many biometric pistol safe reviews online. Most gun safe reviews have shown the product highly effective. You can learn more reading some good reviews. You can try this product to make sure that your pistol is well secure.

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