How to Handle Gun Safe Like a Pro

How to Handle Gun Safe Like a Pro

Owning a gun is one thing and keeping it secure and properly stored so that you can find it easily, is another. The Gun Safe is not just a box to store your weaponry but ensures its protection. It helps you keep your weapons within your reach so that you can easily access them whenever required, as well as reduces the risks they are associated with, such as ending up in the hands on a kid or a robber, or prone to a dangerous condition like a fire or earthquake.

How to Decide an Ideal Location for your Gun Safe

There is no particular time to use your Gun, it’s important to keep your gun close to your hands. So, choose the best and easily accessible location to store your Gun Safe.

The purpose of weaponry is to help you face a critical situation. If you are not able to find it when required, you have wasted your money of the wrong Gun Safe. The location should be equidistant from every corner of your house.

The other thing that matters is the size of your Gun safe. If Gun Safe is too large for your place and you have to keep it at an unideal, there is no sense buying it. Select the size of Gun Safe that fits your place. Secondly, choose a size as per the quantity of your weaponry and how frequently you need your firearms. This will further help you to decide the location. You are not going to buy multiple Gun Safes; choose wisely.

How to Protect Gun Safe from Burglars

The first place where thieves are more likely to search for guns is your master room. Your master room and drawing rooms generally have frequent visits from outsiders which makes them inappropriate places for a Gun Safe. Avoid keeping it at random places such as refrigerator, kitchen, and microwaves because these places are easy to access and the temperature is not fitting (more on temperature-related precautions in a minute).

Protect Gun Safe from Burglars

Now, talking about garages, we can say they are not appropriate store your Gun Safe. The temperature is not controlled and smoke from vehicles can damage your guns. Generally, the gate of garages are wide-open (or easy to open) and the contents of the garage are easy to find out for outsiders. Also, running to the garage can be difficult at crucial times.

The next is basement. Basement is an easy-to-guess place because most people prefer to keep their tools and weapons there. The temperature is quite damp in the basement which can affect your gun more than the thieves. There are many tools available which can help Bulgars to break into the gun safe, and again, getting to your basement might not always be an easy walk down the stairs when you’re posed with a difficult situation.

The best place to keep your Gun Safe protected from thefts is the closet. They are easy to access. Secondly, three sides of the closet are covered by walls, so it is hard to break into it. Furthermore, you have full control over your closet. So, locked closets are an ideal option to store your gun safe.

Secure Gun Safe from Floods and Fire

When it comes to floods, it’s obvious that higher places are the best choice. If you live in a place where floods are common, store your gun safes at a higher place like closest to the top floor. But try to keep it in a locked place where the temperature is under control and wouldn’t affect the gun safe quality.

Gun Safe from Floods and Fire

Coming to fire protection, the first thing is to make sure is that your gun safe is far away from fire-sources such as stoves and ovens. Avoid kitchens or any places prone to fire. Also, places where people smoke or use lighters or candles etc are not advisable. Corners of the building usually take less damage in a fire. Putting the safe closer to the skeleton of the building makes sure it won’t tumble or plummet as the walls around or the floor are gutted and lose their strength.

If there is a fire in a house, the second floor is safer than the first floor. But it depends upon from where the fire originates. Though basements are the most secure place from fire, they’re vulnerable to other disasters such as flood and leakage. So, find a midway to secure your gun safe from fire. Try to keep it at a place which is not near to your kitchen, basement, and garage. Store it on the mid floor and maybe the second floor in a three-story house.

What and how to Store things inside Gun Safes

The top portion of the gun safe is prone to fire and bottom one is prone to water damage. So, if you have multiple handguns, do not put the vulnerable one on the top. Keep the crucial weapons in the middle and hard to damage ones at top of the safe.

Store things inside Gun Safes  The most important thing is to never ever keep flammable things inside the Gun safe. Also, never store any chemical with guns. Furthermore, ammo is not meant to be stored in gun safes. If at any moment it becomes necessary to store ammo in a gun safe, try to keep it at the bottom as ammo is waterproof and the lower part is vulnerable to water damage.

Keep your Gun Safe from Unsuitable Temperatures

un Safe from unsuitable temperatures


Temperature determines the quality of your Gun Safe. If you keep your Gun Safe in humid places, it will also affect the inside temperature of the Safe.

Basements are a big NO! Basements are generally damp or moist which is not healthy enough for your firearms. It can destroy your guns and there is no way to retrieve it back to its normal condition. So, the weather is an important factor to decide a location for your Gun safe.

Apart from basements, rooftops, top floors and places near fire such as stoves are not suitable to keep your Gun Safe. Keep it at stable temperature because fluctuations can cause harm to your guns.

 Where to keep Handgun Safe and Small Gun Safe

The material used to make handgun safes is very light and easy to break, no matter what the salesman says. So keep it hidden and far from children’s reach. You can hide it behind the mirror, pictures or inside closets. It’s important to take precaution if you are a gun owner. Guns are only designed for safety, so open it only when required.

Small guns have various mounting holes and not all of them are necessary. So, keep unnecessary holes closed. Small guns include a locking mechanism; this is very useful and no one else can use it except you. Also, keep small guns at a minimum height of 5 feet so that children cannot reach it.

Important Note: A small gun’s lock mechanism can be smashed using a coat hanger. So, make sure you keep it locked and in front of your eyes, away from the reach of others. Also, it is advisable to check your gun safe regularly to see whether everything is fine inside.


A gun safe is important to protect your weapons. Use and choose it wisely. Do not compromise on quality and always prefer the safest location to store a gun safe. Do not reveal your collection of firearms especially to children.

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