Gunvault GV2000C-DLX–Best Gun Safe For The Money

Gunvault GV2000C-DLX Multi Vault Deluxe Gun Safe ensures that your gun and other valuables are safe. The safe is made of high quality steel, ensuring the safe is strong enough to assure safety of your valuables. When finding best gun safe for the money, this is something you might be considering.

High strength locking mechanism

The safe also has a high strength locking mechanism that further ensures that your valuables are protected. The lock allows you to lock the safe using your preferred password. To create a password, there are over 12 million codes to choose from.

Change the password when you need

In addition to giving you over 12 million options to choose from, the lock also allows you to make password changes as many times as you want. When you want to open the safe, all you have to do is to enter your password and the safe will easily open. To make it easy for you to open the safe, the safe gives you the benefit of activating the eye movement sensitivity. When you activate the eye movement sensitivity, you are able to open and lock the safe by simply moving your eyes.

If you try to open the lock and you do not have the right password, the lock automatically blocks when you put repeated invalid entries.

Audio feedback

To ensure that you enter the right password, the safe gives you the benefit of enabling audio feedback, confirming every correct key you press. When you press the wrong key, the feedback system notifies you have pressed the wrong key.

A motion detector

The safe also has a motion detector that has an audio alarm that aids in guarding the safe against any tampering. When someone tampers with the safe, the detector raises the alarm thus you are notified in case of any tampering.

Notifies you when the power goes low

In addition to the motion detector, the safe also has an audio low battery warning that notifies you when the power goes low. Due to the battery warning, you are protected from unexpected power loss. This is because you will be notified before, thus you will not get worried when the safe’s power goes low. Unlike other safes that rely only on 4AA batteries, this safe has both AC and DC power supply; therefore, when the power of your safe goes low, you have the option of connecting the AC or DC power supply.

A large space

The safe has a large space, thus you can comfortably store almost any valuables you have. Some of the ideal valuables you can store in the safe include jewelry, bullets, and gun. To ensure that your valuables are not scratched, the safe has a soft interior lining that cushions your valuables from scathing.

Mount it easily

The good side with the safe is that you can easily mount it in almost any place you would want. Mounting the safe makes it difficult for the safe to be stolen.

In addition to the above features, other features of the safe include:

  • One-year warranty
  • Easy to use
  • Fingerprint sensor
  • Weighs 14-pounds

If you have sensitive valuables that you would like to keep away from children and thieves, this is one safe not to miss to have. Most gun safe reviews have shown the product to be effective.

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