Guide for Maintain a Gun Safe

A gun safe is a long-term, valuable investment so like any other crucial item, one should take care of the gun safe in a proper manner. The gun-safe keeps your firearms protected from fire, water, theft and other hazards and hence it’s important to maintain and clean it time to time. Also, one should follow all safety measures to protect the gun safe from any harm.

From outer covering of the gun safe to the inner shield, every part plays a crucial role in securing your guns. Here are few tips to keep your gun safe in the best condition.

Guide for Maintain a Gun Safe

#1. Cleaning is Important:

Dirt can block the entire mechanism on the gun-safe and hence it is required to be cleaned at least once a month. Do not use any harsh cloth or paper to clean the outer and inner of gun-safe. Take a soft cotton cloth, slightly damp it and thoroughly remove all impurities, dust particles and dirt. Clean bolts, doors, edges, cracks and entire machinery. Make sure you clean the exteriors of the safe without leaving any scratches. Do not rub harsh and gently use the cloth. Using any solvent or chemical is a big NO as it can affect the finish of the gun-safe.

#2. Don’t miss Oiling:

Oiling is an integral part of gun-safe maintenance. Lubrication is important to ensure the smooth functioning of locks, doors, bolts, handles and other parts of the safe. Just apply a very small amount of grease to the front, back and lower bolts of the gun-safe to avoid jamming. But avoid overgreasing and solvents because it can affect the natural friction of the bolts.

#3. Protect your Gun-Safe

The gun-safe provides protection to your firearms from various mishaps such as fire, water, and theft, so it should be stored properly, away from vulnerabilities. Though gun safes are strong and solid, they require some protection for a better life.

#4. Lock Service once a year is a must

To maintain the best condition of the locks, service from a professional is recommended to be availed frequently, or at least once a year. The gun safe is nothing with a nonfunctional lock, so get the lock serviced by a specialized locksmith.

#5. Utilise the Warranty:

Most of us do not pay much attention to the warranty card of our gun safe but it plays an important role. Do not compromise at any level, even if you are facing a minor issue with your gun safe, get it repaired or exchanged. Make sure the warranty covers all important aspects of a gun safe. Furthermore, one can buy insurance for their gun-safe to cover to maintain the security and reliability of the safe.

#6. Go for Dehumidifiers:

If your place is humid and you think it can affect your safe, buy a special device namely dehumidifier. It removes moisture from the surrounding and protects your gun safe from moisture and humidity. Most of us do not open our gun safes regularly, so the dehumidifier soaks up the moisture from the locked safe. Also, it eliminates dirt, dust, and foul smells and odors from the closed safe.

Tips that Every Gun Owner Must Know:

  • Avoid Moisture: Moisture is harmful for your gun safe. It can cause your firearms to rust. In addition, avoid basements to store your gun safe because they are generally damp and humid.
  • Humidity is harmful: Humidity can cause corrosion. The humidity can congeal your gunpowder and make it difficult to shoot and promote accidents.
  • A big No to Loaded firearms: Most of us think that loaded guns are convenient to use in an urgency, but the fact is that loaded guns can cause more harm. In some countries, storing loaded guns is illegal. Even if it is legal, one should avoid storing guns and ammunition together.
  • Do not store chemicals/solvent with guns: Your gun safe is the perfect place to store valuable things but storing chemicals or flammable items inside the safe is not at all advisable. High pressure and high temperature can cause fire hazards.
  • The high temperature is harmful: The temperature affects gun-safe the most. Temperatures should be taken into account while choosing a place for the safe.
  • Regularly visit technicians: One should regularly visit the professional gun-safe technicians and inspect your safe time to time. The techie will remove every error and loops and reboot the strength of your gun safe.
  • Different gun safes need different types of service. Always rely on experienced and certified technicians and not a local smith.
  • Gun-safes are specially designed for your firearms; do not use one as a bookshelf, table or an almirah. This can affect its metal quality and reduce its effectiveness.
  • Most gun-owners prefer biometric cases over normal cases with lock and key because it increases the level of reliability to some extent and does not cause stress of handling keys and keeping them at a safe place. But biometric safes require special attention as technical locks are prone to hacking, so one should take it to service center every year to ensure its pliability and security.
  • Take precautions and follow guidelines religiously. Negligence can be dangerous. Do not experiment or play with your gun safe because it contains firearms. Also, store firearms and gunpowder at different but easily accessible places.
  • Check your gun safe at regular intervals. Do not just place guns and forget it. Also, if you are owning a combination lock case, keep changing the key combination time to time, this will ensure its security from burglars. Stay alert, stay protected.


In a nutshell, a gun safe is meant for protecting your valuable firearms, therefore its safety and maintenance are important. A regular maintenance is important to restore the effectiveness of the gun-safe. If maintained properly, the gun safe can last lifelong and you won’t need to purchase another or risk mishaps, which can save your money and quite some effort in the long run.


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