First Alert Gun Safe Reviews – 6720F Protector

If you want to make sure your guns are always safe and children and thieves cannot get them, you might want to consider the First Alert 6720F Protector. This safe can only be opened with a four-sided key. The 6720F comes with amazing features: concealed pry-resistant hinges, live bolts on the door, adjustable shelves, and an adjustable gun rack. If this was not enough, the safe also comes fully carpeted on the inside and an installation kit for mounting it on the wall is included. When searching for the best gun cabinets for sale, you can consider such a product.

Fire Alert 6720F Protector knows your needs

Fire Alert 6720F Protector is exactly what you need if you are worried about theft. It is very solid and it is theft and fire proof. The three live bolts on the door prevent unauthorized entry. Simply put, only someone with a key can open the safe. There is no reason to worry that your kids might have access to its contents unless you give them the key yourself. You can have the safe installed in sheds or garages, because thieves are not going to be able to break the door.

Hinges are the favorite parts of a safe from thieves, because they force them in order to gain access. This is completely impossible with the 6720F because the hinges are concealed and pry-resistant. They cannot be forced open with crowbars or with any other tool, for that matter.

Made of solid steel

There is no possibility for someone to get pass the three bolts on the door. They can withstand any type of attack and they will not give in even if thieves are using crowbars or bats. They are made of solid steel and they secure the door and the lock in a very effective manner.

Amazing storage options

The 6720F Protector comes with amazing storage options. In fact, its interior is very versatile, because the shelves and the gun rack are adjustable. You can safely keep 12 to 14 guns in the safe, depending on their size. Even more, the safe comes with a fully carpeted interior and with a rubber mat that will prevent your firearms from being scratched during storage. You also have a rack on the inside of the door, so your storage options are very flexible. The safe comes with an installation kit, so you can either mount it on the wall or secure it to a floor, as per your convenience.

Modern and attractive design

The 6720F has a modern and attractive design, making it suitable for any space you have in mind. Its green color makes it perfect for garages, attics or sheds. However, despite its sleek look, the safe is incredibly solid and resistant and it is meant to last for years.

Dimensions of the safe

The dimensions of the safe are 17.5 x 55.0 x 17.3 inches on the exterior, 17.0x 54.0 x 12.3 on the interior and 155 pounds in weight. It comes with a 5-year warranty, which is quite impressive if compared with similar products on the market.

Reliable and cost-effective systems

First Alert products are qualitative. They provide affordable security options for both residences and offices. The producing company struggles to be innovative and to cater for the needs of its clients, so it offers reliable and cost-effective systems.

Prevent accidents and keep your guns away from kids

When buying the 6720F, you are going to receive a safe with carpeted interior, adjustable shelves, and a gun rack, a rubber mat and an installation kit together with an instruction manual. You can prevent accidents and you can keep your guns away from kids and thieves with the 6720F Protector. Most gun safe reviews recommended this product ideal for anyone.

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