Best Home Safe from Paragon Lock & Safe

This Large Electronic Digital Safe Gun from Paragon Lock & Safe is designed to store your valuables in a safe area for an unlimited amount of time. Those looking for a relatively inexpensive but reliable safe without spending a huge amount of much money in buying the best home safe need not look any further, because Paragon Electronic Digital Safe is the right answer in this regard.

Key features

  • Mounting bolts for drilling into the floor.
  • Bolts are included with the safe.
  • A very heavy solid steel door, extra thick with 11-gauge steel.
  • A keypad for accessing the safe up to eight digits.
  • The combination lock can be changed every day.
  • Keypad is powered by four AA batteries easily available.
  • The door of the safe opens to the right.

As of honest gun safe reviews, it is a solid, well-guarded, and fortified safe made completely of steel. The empty safe weighs around 53.5 pounds, and it has a space of 1.8 cubic feet, which is more than enough for storing your most precious valuables within your sight like gold or diamond jewelry, cash, guns, expensive watches, important documents, etc.


The dimensions of the safe are 13” x 13.75” x 19.50”. The safe door is closed securely. It is indestructible. There are two steel bolts and an electronic lock. The lock uses a three to eight digit combination lock for opening the safe run by four AA batteries.

2 free emergency keys

It is easy to forget the combination after some time or you might forget to change the batteries before they run out, so there are two keys if an emergency comes.


  • Mounting bolts to secure it to the floor.
  • A combination lock that is difficult to crack.
  • Door is made of steel, which will be difficult to break
  • Foam covers the interior can parvenu the valuables from being scratched.
  • Spacious interior for everything you need to accommodate.
  • It is heavy so no one can easily carry it, preventing from theft.
  • Handy and small so it can be hidden in unlikely places.
  • Can be opened with the help of the emergency keys in case you forget the password.

The Paragon Digital Safe is not much bigger so it can be hidden inside a cupboard or beneath the floorboards where it will be out of sight of burglars and robbers. Since you keep your valuables in it, you have to drill it to the floor so no one can pick it up taking away the safe. In addition, if a burglar manages to break the bolts, it will be heavy so no burglar can easily pick it and carry it.

At present, the technology has improved significantly. If you are living in such a place robberies occur often, then you will be one-step ahead when you have such an advance safe created to prevent those robberies. The Paragon Electronic Digital Safe is just what you need to protect your most valued possessions at an affordable rate with reliability and efficiency. The product seems to be worth. It can give you the best value of your money.

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