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American Security Safes are one of the most popular safe brands on the market, offering safes that will provide a secure place for your weapons and that are well designed and of great quality. Whether you own your gun for hunting purposes, or you are a collector or something else, you are reliable to store your weapon in a safe place where it is out of the children’s reach. Of course, there is plenty of safe models you can invest in…  but American Security (Amsec) has been making incredible safes for more than sixty years.

This company is recognized for the safes that are made of solid steel and are of great overall quality. The owner Glenn Hall established the company by desire to build strong and secure safe at a shop in California. Now, he owns what is most likely the best gun safe manufacturers.

Safe made by this company combine both hard plate steel and high strength concrete and in that way offer top protection against the theft. 60000 safes are produced every year by Amsec. Your guns are properly stored with the Amsec safes as the safe protects them from both burglary and fire. Whether you own a shotgun, rifle, handgun or something else, you will choose a safe that fits your needs perfectly.

American security safe will provide you a great quality, a  pleasing design and the accessibility of guns, even when they are locked up.

If you are seeking for a method that will allow you to store, protect and organize your weapons, buying an American security safe is a must.

Here are a few of the best American Security Safes…

American Security Products Electronic Security Safe

This American security safe is not only well built but of great quality and sturdiness. It is not designed to be fireproof or act like a real safe, but it serves the purpose of securing the weapons from the reach of kids or burglars. Generally, it will keep hands off of people you do not want to have access to your guns. It is extremely easy to set up and reprogram your password. Also, if you toss the lag bolts which you will get with the safe, you will get a better surface for attaching it to a wall or floor. If you do not secure it to a wall or a floor, a burglar can simply take the safe with him and crack it later. Further, entering the combination wrong repeatedly, the safe will screech alarming you that somebody is tampering. If you are looking for a quick access gun safe, this is not the kind of safe you are looking for.

1 Hr Fire Combo American Security Safe

This safe may be a bit different from other Amsec safes. When it comes to the locks, there is a combo plus key system. Combo and key locks have to be opened in a series and the combo can’t be changed at anytime. Key reacts with the bolt which is extremely loose fitting, which disproves the strength. Also, keep in mind that there is just one active bolt on the side of the door. Regarding the key lock, it is not of high quality or security itself as well. The really weird thing about this safe is that it has no handles whatsoever. When the key reacts to the keylock, you have to pull the key in order to open the door. The door, however, has a ½ inch steel plate inside. As far as weight is concerned, it weighs approximately 92 pounds and it has a fire rating of 350 deg.

American Security Products PB3 Handgun Security Safe

This blue textured Amsec safe with a heavy-duty chrome handle has a really strong locking bolt which is also pry-resistant. Interior cushioning is included in order to protect the safe against scratches. If there are any manipulation attempts of the combination, the safe comes with the tamper-proof penalty lockout. Also, the combo itself is very easy to change and the programmable override is included. The case of the safe is eligible for installation on almost all surfaces. If you are looking for something that will protect your handgun from the reach of children on other people, this is the right handgun safe for you. However, if you are looking for something that will enable you to pop out your gun at the bad guy right away, then this product will most likely not fit you. The safe really is secure from the kids and it is also pretty hard to be grabbed and ran with it. The bottom is thin fiberboard, therefore, the security lockbox is not of high quality. Battery case with a cable that plugs in from the outside of the case is included and the batteries inside fall.

American Security Safe – Vault Electronic Lock Gun Safe

This safe does not react in the same way as it is described in the manual, but the instructions will get you through the process of choosing your combo. The bolts that are attached to the floor are included so no worries about that. However, people seem to complain about the packaging of these bolts as most of them are loose inside the vault and it really does take a bit of effort to move them away. A quick access when you need the gun is not possible. This type of American security safe is excellent for under the bed option.

American Security Safe WEST2114 Wall Safe

Amsec WEST2114 provides two metal shelves that can hold up to 3 full-size handguns. Regardless of the locking mechanism that takes plenty of space, you should be able to place a gun behind the lock and keypad. There are 12 mounting holes total and only nine are actually in use. This wall safe offers a nice design and moderate protection against theft where the burglars want to escape quickly. Moreover, a backup supply and override tubular keys are included and come with the Amsec WEST2114 Wall Safe. If you are looking for wall safes, you can also read one of our posts about the best in-wall gun safes today.

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