BARSKA Small Gun Safe AX11620 Review

If you are searching for a small weapon safe or a biometric one for precious belongings, you should take into consideration the Barska Mini Biometric Safe. This safe has enough space to fit two handguns, though it has no shelves so you should consider arranging them somehow. There is also enough space for ammo.

The Barska small gun safe has an easy opening access to its front. To unlock the safe, push a button on the right to arouse the fingerprint scanner and then continue with that. The Barska safe can be opened by more individuals, because it can hold up to 30 different fingerprints in its memory. Therefore, in case of emergency, the safe can be opened by the people you trust.

Key Features

The safe’s characteristics include: not having to carry around any keys, no necessity to remember any combinations, it can store up to 30 fingerprints, the safe functions on 4 AA batteries, it includes backup keys for emergencies, it has mounting holes, and also a one year warranty.

The safe is compact with a biometric fingerprint scanner. It has pre – drilled holes so it can be installed on a wall, counter top or shelf.

Doesn’t make any sounds

You can use the Silent mode of the Barska Mini Biometric Safe, which does not make any sounds when the safe is being opened, a good feature if you need to use the safe during a break in.

Offers more protection for your family

If the door is not properly closed, the safe makes a beep from time to time as a security and safety measure. If you have children in the house, this feature is great because everyone in the house is protected.


You do not have to remember any combinations. The safe can be accessed with your own fingerprint. The memory of the safe can keep up to 30 different fingerprints. Besides handguns, you can use the safe’s space to store anything of value. Because of its small size, it can be placed anywhere, and still be accessible when necessary. The locking mechanism is one of the latest technologies that use fingerprint recognition in order to open the safe.

Safe can be placed in a hidden location

As stated before, the Barska Biometric Gun Safe can memorize 30 different fingerprints. After purchasing it, the owner can allow other people to unlock the safe in case of a problem or absence. One can store weapons, valuables, important documents for safekeeping, and the safe can be placed in a hidden location.

Prevents Thieves or Burglars

The only people that will be able to open the safe are the ones whose fingerprints were memorized so the contents of the safe will be secured from potential thieves or burglars.

Offers an emergency key

With the Barska Mini gun safe, you will not have to remember number combinations, nor lose time with searching for the key. However, if for some reason you cannot use the fingerprint scanner, there is an emergency key to open the safe in a traditional way.

As most gun safe reviews recommended the product useful, this could be one good investment for you.

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