BARSKA Biometric Pistol Safe Review – AX11224

BARSKA biometric safe is a convenient product for households and offices. It is a lock box designed specially to store all of your important valuables like money and documents. You can also keep your firearm in that box. It can be opened only with the touch of your fingerprint with a sensitive touchpad. Buying such a biometric pistol safe could be wise.

The safety box can be used with touches of the people you trust

Only selected people can use the safety box, since it cannot be opened with everyone’s fingerprints. Therefore, you do not need to be afraid of any burglary attempts. It is not possible to steal anything from this secure lockbox. You do not need to get hold of a key or remember a complex set of numbers to open the box. Just a touch is enough to access your valuables.

Prevent valuables from theft

The best way to keep all your valuables in your home without any disturbance is keeping them in a biometric safe. It was feared in the past that it might be possible for the thief to access the biometric safe.

Stores up to 30 fingerprints

The latest locking mechanism of the safe allows only thirty different choices of fingerprints to open it. Those fingerprints can also be chosen as per your choice. These biometric safes are smaller, enabling them to be compact in nature. The safe can be hidden at any place as per your wish and it allows you to keep them away from children. The owner of the safe can still get hold of it anytime as he/she wishes.

 2 emergency keys

With 2 emergency keys for backup purposes, BARSKA Biometric Safe comes with mounting hardware. The product weighs 31 pounds, when measuring 16.5 x 14.57.75 x inches.

To get immediate access to your contents in the safe, all you need to do is to place your figure accurately to the right position for the device to read your prints. There is no need to memorize a set of complicated combination of numbers. A key is given to this safe, since some people still prefer the traditional way of locking the safe and it is useful in some emergencies.

Hides nearly anywhere

The small sized lockboxes can be kept in tiny spaces like inside a cupboard and still be accessible to the respective owners. High tech locking mechanism is incorporated with this biometric safe and this state of art lockbox can be opened with just some fingerprints. Fingerprints of around 30 different people can be recorded to the safe during the purchase itself. It enables the owner to give access to more people, which help during the absence of one or another. Important documents and firearms can be stored in the box in a safe place. People who have recorded their fingerprints in the safe can open it.

Should you choose the safe?

The biometric safe protects your valuable contents from thieves who cannot access it by any means possible. Only the most accurate set of fingerprints can open the safe. If the fingerprint is not available during certain events, the safe can be opened with a key provided during the purchase of the safe itself. It does not require you to get hold of any complex set of numbers. Most gun safe reviews have recommended the product for anyone finding a great solution to keep their guns and valuables secure.

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